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Led rigid PCB strip light pick and place machine HT-F9

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HT-F9 can produce different products, including flexible strip, panel light, tube. And it is very suitable for the 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m rigid PCB and 0.5m,1m LED flexible strip.

Also it is suitable for mounting led 3014/3020/3528/5050 and resistor, capacitors, bridge rectifiers, and so on.

Why choose us?

1.you want to produce led flexible strip, it is suitable for you

2.If you want to produce led panel light, it also suitable for you !

3.If you want to produce led tube, it is also suitable for you!

4.If you want to produce the size of 80*330mm---1200*330mm pcb, it also suitable for you !

5.If you wan to the capacity reach 100000 chip per hour, it also suitable for you !


HT-F9 as the highspeed mounter machine, it’s mounting speed is around 100000-150000 chip per hour. Very high speed!

The most specially is it can producing with 2-4 types of materials with high capacity, available for board with any proportion of LED chip and resistor.

Technical parameter:

Led rigid PCB strip light pick and place machine

Length 2700 mm
Width 2450 mm
Height 1530 mm
Operating system
System Windows 7
Software R&D independently
Display LED monitor
Input Device Keyboard, Mouse

Structure of pick and place machine

1.Since the X, Y, Z axis drive way is servo motor control, that mounting precision is reach 0.02mm,very good performance.

2.There are 5 sets of imported camera, with vision alignment and mark correction.

3.Two mounting modules, 20 nozzles for each mounting part, part A or part B can be mounted separately.


1.Do a good job check, such as determine if the air pressure of the patch is in the normal range.

2.Ensure the correctness of the boot sequence

3.It is necessary to conduct regular troubleshooting and maintenance work on the Pick and Place machine in a timely manner.

Company Information:

ETON is set up in 2011, “High efficiency” “High quality” and “High Stability” are the core technology of ETON, strong technology innovation and strict pursuit of quality control;, with excellent service.

Although our company has not been established for decades, we are a company that is developing very fast and strong.Our company has a number of national honor certificates and invention patents. Our customer has Skyqurd, NTL, konka, Sansi, Rk, Surya,etc.

Logistics and delivery:

Delivery time: Usually 2o working days after payment.

Shipping: Mainly by shipping transport, but it is decided by the customer.

Packing: Our packing are combined with wooden case packaging and vacuum wrapping.


1.We have our professional service department which can support quickly and professional.

2.We will according customer’s plan to give the best suggestions and as much as possible to satisfied customer’s need.

3.We have standard maintenance period---one year, and we offer On-site service

In a word, we will be customer-oriented from the customer's point of view


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