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Dual module multifunctional lens mounter machine HT-E5D

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Apply to led lighting:

Pick and place machine also called “mounter machine”, usually apply to pick  components to the board. And ETON mounter machine is multifunctional, suitable for mounting led lighting and electric board. And the model of HT-E5D apply to led bulb, led lens, led panel, down-light,led driver, led model, LED display, Electrical board, Street light, DOB,etc.

Features of mounter machine

The structure of the multifunctional placement machine mostly adopts the arch structure, which has the characteristics of high precision and good flexibility.

There is 0.02mm of our machine HT-E5D mounting precision

Multifunctional lens mounter machine

1Vision alignment flight identification, Mark correction.
2) Mounting components: LED/capacitors/resistors/IC/shaped components/etc.
3Non-stop material re-loading function.
4)Dual system, dual module multifunctional pick and place Machine. To produce two different products at same time.
5)Component min size 0402, max height 36mm.

Technical parameter

HT-E5D multifunctional lens mounter machine

PCB Length Width

Max:500*300mm      Min100*100mm

PCB Thickness


PCB Clamping

Electric clamping + Adjustable pressure pneumatic

Mounting Mode

Group Picking and separate placing/Separate picking and separate placing

Mounting precision


Mounting Height


Mounting Speed


Internal parts structure of the machine

There are some details of HT-E5D:

1.Feeding system:

There are dual mode, the no.of feeders station totally 60 PCS.And the no.of nozzles is totally 20 PCS. It is electric feeder with double motor for feeding way.

2.Vision system:

Camera recognition, X/Y coordinate system adjustment position, nozzle self-rotation adjustment direction, camera fixed, patch head flight across the camera for imaging recognition.

There are 4 sets of imported camera, vision for the flight identification, mark correction.And the X,Y,Z Axis drive way is control by high-end magnetic linear motor and servo motor.

3.Operating system:

Our operating system is windows 7,software is investigate and development by ETON, the display is touch scree monitor and use the keyboard and mouse to input


.As a high-tech product, the placement machine is safe and correct for both the machine and the person.

  1. The most basic thing to operate the placement machine safely is that the operator should have the most accurate judgment. The following basic safety rules should be followed:
  2. The machine operator should receive operational training under the correct method.
  3. Turn off the power when checking the machine, replacing parts or repairs and internal adjustments (the machine must be serviced with the emergency button or power off).
  4. Make sure that the "reading coordinates" and the YPU (programming part) are in your hands to stop the machine at any time.

Logistics and delivery:


By sea/Train/Airplane


Wooden box with vacuum package

Lead Time:

Four weeks after payment

Company profile:

ETON Automation Equipment Co. LTD located in Shenzhen, China, which is set up in 2011. Focusing on the smt pick and place machine industry, there are independent production departments, R&D team, sales team and after-sales service department. There are four offices in China, namely Shenzhen, Zhongshan and Hangzhou,Zhejiang. Also in Delhi and Mumbai, India, Turkey have own offices.

ETON company is an international development company for global customers.

ETON Pick and place machines are exported to more than 20 countries and have been well received all over the world. Such as: USA,KOREA,GERMANY,EGYPT,TURKEY,VIETNAM,TUNISA,etc.

After sales service

We are taking a comprehensive after-sales service strategy.

1.Standard one-year warranty period, besides spare parts, any parts during warranty will be free repaired and replaced.

2.Provide free on-site installation and training, as well as a paid extended warranty period for customers in need.

3.Software lifetime upgrade.

4.Visit customers regularly.

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Add:44th.Building,5th.Cuigang Industrial Area, Fuyong, Baoan District, Shenzhen,China



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