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Company history

2007 Setup the R&D center in Taipei, develop LED professional mounter technology and patents;

2008 Setup Hong Kong Hon-Eton Limited Company;

2009 Setup Shenzhen Eton automation equipment Co., ltd.;

2009 4 patents for invetion and patents for utility models“Group pick and group placing”

2010 7 patents “Group pick and place separately” “Group pick regulation”

2011 The first double-model machine HT-12 released(Group pick and group place)

2011 The 3rd. Generation high-speed professional LED mounter released

2013 Awarded “Shenzhen high-tech enterprise”

2013 The 4th. Generation LED professional high-speed mounter HT-X7\HT-E4 released(electrical feeding system)

2013 Start R&D the 1st. Generation multi-functional high-speed mounter ET16(electrical feeding system)

2014 Awarded “National high-tech enterprise”

2014 Finished R&D the 2nd. Generation high-speed multi-functional mounter HT-E8

2015 The HT-XF released(double-motor electrical feeding system,the 5th. LED professional high-speed mounter)

2016 The HT-F7 released(double-motor electrical feeding system,the 6th. LED professional high-speed mounter)

2017 The HT-E6T,HT-E8T,HT-E6X and the machine professional for christmas light is released,won larger market.

2018 The new model machine HT-E5 is released,the automatic stencil printer is realeased.

2018 The HT-E5T,HT-E9T(ETON the 5th. multifunctional machine) HT-D12(automatic glue dispenser machine)was completed R&D and released

2018 The HT-E5S,HT-E5D,HT-E8S,HT-E8D(new magnetic linear motor multifunctional pick and place machine) was released

2019 The HT-F9,HT-T9,new magnetic levitation highspeed pick and place machine was realeased,the F9 is the fastest pick and place machine reach 200000CPH

2020 The HT-X9 new highspeed pick and place machine was released