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LED Flexible Strip Light Assembly Machine Highspeed Soft Lamp Strip Smt Production Line HT-F7

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♦ It can produce LED flexible strip,tube,panel etc.
Apply to the aluminum PCB,LED hard light board and LED soft flexible lamp strip etc.
Apply to led flexible strip,tube,lamp,panel etc.
Apply to LED chip 3014,3528,5050,2835,5630,5730,7020 etc.


1.Unique screw drive structure,so that the driving force of the movement and direction of travel coincide, reducing resistance, make the working more stable and accurate.
2.Mounting head transmission use the Panasonic servo motor with highprecision guide rail to take the pick/place more stable,fast.
3.Configuring proprietary structure mounting heads 1 groups, the structure is smart,  operate more quickly.
4.Automatic feeding rail system,connect with automatic printing machine, reflow oven, formed a perfect automatic production line.
5.Equipped with different feeders can used for the different kind of the elements.
6.Open feeder setting way to make intelligent

3.Company Information

The Most powerful factory in SMT highspeed pick and place machine industry in China, 80% distributors in China have bought or are buying from us.

we own excellent sales team,top-tech R&D team and professional management group 

Leaders of highspeed pick and place machine industry
Machines has sold to all over the world
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Perfect after sales system

4.Technical Parameter:

Dimension 2700mm(L)/2480mm(W)/1400mm(H)
PCB Length Width Max.:330mm*1200mm Min.:330mm*80mm(W*L)
PCB Thickness 0.5~5mm
Mounting Precision ±0.02mm
Components LED chip,3014,3528,5050,2835,5630,5730,7020 etc.
Power Comsumption 5KW/220AC 50HZ
Air Force 0.5mpa
System Windows 7
Mounting Speed 100000-150000CPH

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