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High Speed Smt Pick And Place Machine Smd Chip Mounter LED Light Production Line Machine

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♦ It can produce LED flexible strip,tube,panel etc.
♦ 34 heads,more effective.part A and Part B work separately.
Apply to the aluminum PCB,LED hard light board and LED soft flexible lamp strip etc.
Apply to led flexible strip,tube,lamp,panel etc.
Apply to LED chip 3014,3528,5050,2835,5630,5730,7020 etc.
34 heads altogether,68 feeders,partA or partB work separatly. Easy to operate.

2.Company Information

The Most powerful factory in SMT highspeed pick and place machine industry in China, 80% distributors in China have bought or are buying from us.
we own excellent sales team,top-tech R&D team and professional management group 
Leaders of highspeed pick and place machine industry
Machines has sold to all over the world
Products have a good reputation in the market
Perfect after sales system


  1. With the industrial computer and special software control, easy to operate and practical.
  2. The software is simple to operate, easy to learn and user-friendly in English.
  3. Automatic visual programming software online, without having to manually input the coordinates of components,programming is simple, easy for beginners convenient and practical, highvolume production of many varieties of demands. Simple setup, you can achieve PCB jointed board programming and placement.
  4. PCB import for easy, fast and reduce programming time.
  5. Simple software component database operations, and provides a variety of common random package type library.

4.Technical Parameter:


Dimension 2700mm(L)/2480mm(W)/1400mm(H)
PCB Length Width Max.:330mm*1200mm Min.:330mm*80mm(W*L)
PCB Thickness 0.5~5mm
Mounting Precision ±0.02mm
Components LED chip,3014,3528,5050,2835,5630,5730,7020 etc.
Power Comsumption 5KW/220AC 50HZ
Air Force 0.5mpa
System Windows 7
Mounting Speed 100000-150000CPH

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Professional is our truth. Let's light up your business.


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