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Automatic pick and place machine

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Mounter: Also known as "mounting machine" or "Surface Mount System", in the production line, it is placed behind the dispenser or screen printer, and the surface is mounted by moving the placement head. The component accurately places a device on the PCB pad. Divided into manual and fully automatic.

By Automation, pick and place machine can be classified as fellow:

1.Automatic mechatronic placement machine

Features: Most of the placement machines are this type.

2.Manual placement machine

Features: The manual patch head is mounted on the Y-axis head. The X, Y, and E positioning can be corrected by the movement and rotation of the human hand. Mainly used for new product development, with the advantage of low cost.

Our machine HT-E8D is automatic mounter machine, it is very suitable for automatic smt production line.


The mounting speed of HT-E8D is 80000 chip per hour, there are four factors  promote patch speed:

1.There are two mounting modules, two system, can produce two different products at same time.

2.Powerful feeding method: electric feeder with double motor, support non-stop material re-loading function.

3.High speed conveyor transmission speed which more than 500mm/sec.

4.Flexible mounting mode:Group picking and separate placing, separate picking and separate placing.


HT-E8D can suitable for led, capacitors, resistors, shaped components, IC, shaped components,etc.And the max size is 17mm, the min is 0402.

Meanwhile, it can apply to led tube, bulb, flexible strip, panel light, lens, power driver,etc.


There is the parameter of HT-E8D, mainly introduced from pcb size, operating system, vision system.

PCB length and width: Max:1200*300mm, Min:100*100 mm
PCB thickness: 0.5-5 mm
PCB clamping: Adjustable pressure pneumatic
Operating system: Windows 7
Software: Reach and development independently
Display: Touch scree monitor
Input device: Keyboard, mouse
No . of camera: 4 sets

Firm packaging:

We use a combination of wooden case packaging and vacuum film wrapping, and we pack it with a rope and a stand.

Delivery deadline:

Around 4 weeks after payment.


We have exported more than 20 countries, such as USA, Korea, India, Germany, Eygpt, Turkey, Vienam, Tunisia, etc.


Our company obtains a number of intellectual property technologies, including 9 invention patents,12 software copyright


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