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Semi-Auto Stencil Printer For PCB Printing 1.2m Semi-Auto Manufacturer Printer For SMT Line

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Dimension:        (L)1600 x(W)900 x(H)1650 mmStandard semi-automatic high-precision stencil printing(Professional 1.2M)Printing area:       1200×250 mm

Plate Area:        1250×300 mm

Stencil Frame Size: 470×370 mm~1300×550 mm (L×W)

Positioning way:     positioning pin

Scraper Speed:    0-100 mm/sec

Power:           220V single phase, 50/60 HZ

Power Consumption: 120 W

PCB plate thickness:0.2-2.0 mm

Plate Trimming:    Front/back +/- 10mm Right/Left +/- 10mm

Printing Precision:  +/- 0.05 mm

Air supply:        5-7 KGF/cm2

Weight:            360 kg



(1) the governor motor drive scraper, combining precision linear guide, ensure the printing precision;

(2) printing scraper can rotate 45 degrees of fixed upwards, printing plate and scraper cleaning and replacement;

(3) the scraper holder can adjust forward and backward, to select the suitable printing position;

(4) combined printing platen, has a fixed groove and positioning PIN, easy installation and adjustment, it is used for single and double panel printing;

(5) steel bar-mesh mobile school edition way, combined with the printing machine (PCB) XYZ calibration adjustment, convenient and quick.

(6) can be set unidirectional and bidirectional multiple printing methods

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