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LED placement machine working principle and technical indicators

The LED placement machine is actually a kind of SMT placement machine, and then through some functions such as suction-displacement-positioning-placement, SMD can be quickly and accurately mounted on the PCB board. Therefore, it is mainly used to achieve mass LED circuit board assembly. Compared with the traditional placement machine, the processing accuracy requirements of the led placement machine are relatively low. However, the speed requirements for it are relatively high, and the mounting speed can reach more than 8,000 points per hour. Guangshengde placement machine here to share with you in detail the working principle and technical indicators of the LED placement machine.

1. The working principle of LED placement machine

The LED placement machine is marked with Mark on important components such as the placement spindle, moving/static lens, nozzle holder, and feeder. Machine vision can automatically calculate these Mark center system coordinates, establish the conversion relationship between the LED placement machine system coordinate system and the PCB and placement LED lamp coordinate systems, and calculate the precise coordinates of the movement of the LED placement machine; the placement head is based on The imported LED lamp package type, component number and other parameters are picked up to the corresponding position to grab the nozzle and suck the component; the lens detects, recognizes and aligns the sucked LED lamp according to the visual processing program; after the alignment is completed, the placement head will turn the LED The lamp is mounted to a predetermined position on the PCB. This series of LED lamp identification, alignment, inspection and placement actions are all instructed by the control system to automatically complete after the industrial computer obtains the relevant data according to the corresponding instructions. This series of actions is the detailed working principle of the LED placement machine.

The LED placement machine mainly needs to meet the lamp bead placement accuracy requirements of 3014, 2835, 3528 and 5050, 5630, 5730. Compared with the processing accuracy of traditional placement machines, the requirements of LED placement machines are relatively low. But the LED placement machine pays more attention to performance, that is, the stability, speed, operability, and size requirements of the machine.

Two, LED placement machine technical indicators

1. Placement machine accuracy: placement accuracy, resolution, repeat accuracy

Influencing factors: PCB manufacturing error, component error, matching of component pin and land pattern; quality of placement program; accuracy of XY positioning system, accuracy of component centering mechanism, placement tool Rotation error, the resolution of the placement machine itself.

2. Mounter speed: mounting cycle, mounting rate, production volume

Influencing factors: PCB size, number of reference points, number and type of components; the quality of the placement program; PCB loading and unloading time, unpredictable downtime, refueling time, centering method, machine parameters and equipment shape size.

3. Adaptability of placement machine:

Influencing factors: the movement range of the placement machine transmission system and the placement head, the number and type of feeders that the placement machine can install, the programming ability, and the placement machine's line change time.

Post time: Dec-31-2020