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Middle Speed Small LED Pick And Place Machine HT-E6T-1200,For Tube,Bulb,Strip,Panel,Downlight,Ceiling Light,Streetlight

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1.pick and place machine HT-E6T-600 eight-headed Pick up.

2.Two sets of high-speed flight cameras,1set of precision camera and set of Mark identification.

3.Computer Control.

4.Automatic Identification Of Mark Point.

5.Fuji servo motor in Japan.

6.Japanese KURODA ball screw.

7.Components Available: 0402,resistor,capacitor,IC,Shaped components etc.

8.Automatic transmission of PCB board.

9.Full English interface.

10.Professional remote video technical support.

2. FRQ :

1.Powerful software adopts numbers and images to display the program coordinate, easy and more convenient.

2.Software adopts data system, and store different types of PCB for convenient adjustment, just need to program one time for new products to use forever.

3.Platform: Y axis, X axis can be moved manually, speed adjustable, can achieve arbitrary point manual arrived, convenient programming.

4.LED Pick & Place Machine use imported vacuum detection system, it can check the suction accurately to prevent material leakage and throwing effectively.

5.Internal negative pressure system: low noise, long service life and vacuum pressure constant.

6.Standard setting:1 PC,6 mounting heads,18 nozzles.

7.Optional:8mm,12mm,16mm,and 24mm automatic feeder, different nozzles, industrial pump, air compressor .

3.Technical Parameter:

Dimension 1950mm(L)/2400mm(W)/1550mm(H)
PCB Length Width Max.:350mm*600mm Min.:50mm*50mm(W*L)
PCB Thickness 0.5~5mm
Mounting Precision ±0.02mm
Components LED chip,IC,capacitors,resistors,shaped components etc.
Power Comsumption 4KW/220AC 50HZ
Air Force 0.5mpa
System Windows 7
Mounting Speed 35000CPH

4.Product Image:

E6T-600-05 - 副本

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