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Double module magnetic linear motor multifunctional pick and place machine HT-E5D

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Product description

HT-E5D features 16 simultaneous pick-up heads, has been designed for ease of use, efficiency, cost effectiveness and increased expandability and compatibility. with double module, can produce two types of products at the same time. The X axis is magnetic liner motor,Y axis and Z axis is servo motor,very good performance and high accuracy.It's intelligent,can produce different types of LED light and electric board,such as tube,bulb,strip,panel,downlight,streetlight,power,driver.Its high precision,apply to LED chips,resistor,capacitor,IC,shaped components etc.

Technical parameter







Total Weight


PCB Size

Max:500*300mm Min:100*100mm

PCB Thickness


PCB Clamping

Electric clamping + Adjustable pressure pneumatic

Mounting Mode

group picking and separate placing,separate picking and separate placing.

No. of Camera

4 set of imported camera

Vision for the Flight Identification,Mark correction.

Mounting Precision


Mounting Height


Mounting Speed


Components:Max:36mm,Min:LED 0402

LED,resistor,capacitors,shaped components,etc.

Components Space


No. of Feeders


No. of Nozzles

Dual mode , totally 16

Feeder Style

Use Electric Feeders

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ETON is highly regarded for its world-class quality products, produced with the flexibility and nimbleness demanded by its customers all over the world.
Under your witness, we will continue to work hard, strive for innovative research and development of more advanced

Production solution & Parking & Transportation

Our packing method is vacuum wooden case packing.

Supporting sea, air and land transportation.


Our service

1) Pre-Consultation: provides professional SMT solutions for the full line.

2) Factory Warranty: One-year warranty factory service.

3) Installation : On-site installation and commissioning , to ensure smooth production.

4) Technical Training: provides professional training from Level 1 to Level 3.

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