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Reflow Soldering Oven Machine Infrared Reflow Soldering Oven/Reflow Soldering Oven SMT Hot Air Convection 8 Heating Zone

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8 zones LED lead-free reflow oven ET-R8

■ Windows operation interface, designed two kinds of control mode, computer control and emergency manual control,have the functions of security.

■ Adopting heating mode of the world top German technology, high heat transfer rate. The same temperature setting can reach more than 15% higher than the similar models of production capacity.The same capacity can be realized is lower than the similar machines of 15-20℃ further reduce the hot components on the PCB board and micro-damage.

■ Each temperature zone using forced circulation,independent PID control,upper and lower independent heating,the temperature of the furnace chamber accurate,uniform,large heat capacity.

■ Due to the unique way to transport wind,surrounded by the return air patented design that eliminates the effects of the rail on PCB board to undesirable temperature,on PCB board of heating,it is more evenly and quickly than similar models.

■ Unique furnaces are the wind structure within different areas of the furnace can be different wind speed difference arising due to structure adjustment,heat uniform.;


1) Dimension: 4800*1200*1450(mm)

2) Starting total power: 45KW,  Normal: 7KW

3) Controlled temperature zones : up 8 heating Zones, down 8 heating zones, 2 cooling zone

4) Heating length: 3000MM

5) Temp.Accuracy: ±1℃

6) PCB Temp.Deviation: ±2℃

7) Heat up time: <25min

8) Mesh speed: 0-1.8M/MIN

9) Mesh height: 900±20mm

10)Mesh width: 480 mm

11)PCB Size:  W350 mm

12)Apply solder paste type:  Lead-free solder/Ordinary solder;

13)Applicable components type: BGA,CSP etc.single/double sided;

14)Power protect: UPS;

15)Control Method: Full computer control;

16)Furnace using jacking cylinder;

 2.Machine image


3.Our Services

Technical support

1.From the date of purchase, two years of free repairs and maintenance;

2.Providing technical updates and technical services at any time;

3.The software system will be upgraded for a lifetime to ensure the latest and full features of the software version for free.

4.Provide technical training service according to customer’s requirements.

5.Can choose freely different feeding board ways and feeder bases.

Service Support

1.From the date of purchase, enjoy 24-hour service

2.make phone calls or on-site visits to customers non-scheduled , improve constantly according to the customer's requirements.

3.Guarantee to the expiration date, free to provide customers with Secure service


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