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Automatic 6 Zones Lead Free Solder SMT Reflow Oven For LED Tube Bulb Strip Downlight Panel Light Assembly Machine

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Stable and reliable electrical control system

1.It adopts imported thermostat control which owns fuzzy control and PID intelligent precision control system.It can fast response the changes in external heat and ensure more temperature balanced by PID intelligent operation and automatic control heating .

2.Using thermocouple imported from Taiwan by each temperature zone, it can fast and sensitive induct the changes in each temperature zone, transfer and control timely, compensate the temperature balance in each zone .

3 .Special SSR solid state relay matched with dedicated radiator improve the heat efficiency greatly and prolong the lifetime effectively. No contact output and fuzzy control function by thermostat, can monitoring the changes of outside temperature and calorific value, controlling the heating device by minimum pulse, ensuring the high precision of the temperature control & the uniform temperature in internal and the length ,direction, temperature distribution, all of these meet IPC standards .

4.Power is abundant, heat up fast, it’s only need 20 minutes from room temperature to constant temperature.

5 .Failure diagnosis and sound light alarm.

6.Delay shutdown production function, uniform cooling after the shutdown: prevent component deformation.




Heating System Number of heating zones UP 6/BOTTOM6
Number of cooling zones 1
Length of heating zones 2500MM
Heating mode hot air
Cooling Mode Force air
General Dimension(L*W*H) 3600×1000×1490mm
Weight 700KG
Color Computer gray

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1.How can you guarantee your sales’ quality?

A:We guarantees that every set of machines are under rigorous testing before they are delivered to you, to ensure the excellent performance of all products.

2.How is the training?

A:After bought our machines, your engineers can go to our company or it is so easy to operate

the machine according the training video and user manual,the user manual will come with the machine together. We also can send our engineer to your factory to training for your engineer and install the machine.

3.I would like to ask you if it's possible to have my logo on the product.

We hope you know that our company perfectly support customized logo service,we’re do this. Besides, it's totally free,so just tell us your requirements.

4.Is it hard to use these machines?

A: No, not hard at all. For our previous clients, at most 2 days is enough to learn to operate the machines.

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