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LED Reflow Oven, 5 Heating Zone Soldering Machine For LED Assembly Line

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1.Windows XP system with English and Chinese is easy to learn how to operate and can be change any time.

2.The digital control system adopted with PLC and Modular circuit to stabilized and accurate of repetitive precision.

3.Intelligent diagnosis system (IDS) has the function of trouble remind, alarm, list-out and saving data.

4.Temperature and blower speed can be controlled independently, to meet the high-precision requirements.

5.Effective heating zone length, the heat conduction in full uniform distribution, greatly improving the heating efficiency.

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Main Products:SMT LED Pick and Place Machine,SMT LED Reflow Oven,SMT LED Stencil Printer,SMT Production Line,LED Assembly Line,SMT LED Machine.

Our Successful Experience:

1.We have been helping customers to build a lot of new factories and enlarge the production line all over the world.
2.Leading manufacturer of the highspeed pick and place machine
3.Own global first technology patents.
4.Training more than 5000 experts and technician for customers.
5.The most reliable and popular Chinese partner for you.

Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?

We are an ISO,SIRA,CE,CCC approved manufacturer specialized in SMT Machine,LED Machine,Pick and Place Machine,SMD Reflow Soldering Oven,SMT Stencil Printer,SMT Production Line and other SMT Products. OEM & ODM service are available.

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