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   Shenzhen Eaton Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of high-speed placement machines and SMT machines in the field of LED lamps and electronics. It is also a well-known high-tech enterprise and top brand in China. reputation.

Eaton invented the fastest automatic placement machine with a speed of 150000CPH, which is the fastest machine in the world, obtained many of the world ’s first technical patents, and also invented the world ’s first machine with a length of 1M 5M 50M 100M500M flexible LED strips , Has won a vast market in the United States, South Korea, India, Germany, Egypt, Turkey, Vietnam, Tunisia and other places

"High efficiency", "high quality" and "stability" are Eaton's core technologies, technological innovation and strict quality control. With high-quality services, Eaton has grown into a world-renowned SMT machine brand.