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Chip Mounter Market: Key Players and Production Information analysis

The technology of chip mounting has been progressing significantly in the recent past, especially with respect to a pragmatic solution to achieve high densities in case of packaging systems. It began with the traditional through hole technology (THT), followed by the more unorthodox surface mount technology (SMT) and the fine pitch technology (FPT). Most of the manufacturers have been using both these technologies for producing chips that are attached to substrates. A chip mounter package usually comprises integrated circuit chips. Thus, the chip mounting market is on the move from bigger diameters to smaller diameters of space.

One of the key driving factors driving the global chip mounter market is the growth in the usage of communication electronic gadgets. The consumer market has witnessed mass changes in the past decades. For instance, smartphones have replaced basic features, while laptops have replaced desktop PCs. At present, tablets have been replacing laptops, whereas smart television systems and LEDs are replacing LCDs and CRT television systems. Household electronic items such as washing machines and coffee makers have become fully automated. These advanced transformations need continuous upgrade in offers with regard to process power, design, user interface, and power consumption.

Besides, the chip mounter market is going to be on the rise with increase in chip density in the near future, where chip density is the count of transistors placed on chips. Advancement in the semiconductor technology has resulted in higher circuit density. In order to keep pace with this increase in integration levels, designers and engineers have developed innovative techniques for managing more circuitry at similar costing levels and inside a single chip. This has proved to be catalyst in the implementation of chip mounting technologies on a larger scale to exploit the advantage of techniques for fabrication. Hence, with increase in adoption of chip mounting technologies, demand in case of chip mounters is projected to rise considerably in the coming years.

A significant restraining factor for the global chip market is the uncertainty inherent in the economic conditions worldwide. Moreover a challenge that can dampen the growth in this market is the fact that the involved risk related to the performance of innovative chip mounting technologies, and capital investments, are high in this market. Therefore, end-user product segments such as miniaturized integrated circuits and their ability to generate revenue in future must be robust.

Despite this, the market will witness tremendous opportunities with the emergence of technology that can be worn. Besides, growth in concentration on the factor of the Internet of Things (IoT) will propel the growth prospects of this market in the future. This is because IoT includes connecting each home device to the internet, and the utility of sophisticated small integrated circuits. Thus chip mounters help reducing the dimensions of integrated circuits, playing a critical role in miniaturizing electronic devices.


The global chip mounters market is segmented on the basis of technology and geography. According to technology, the market is categorized into three segments of the through hole technology, the surface mount technology, and the fine pitch technology segments. On the basis of geography, the global market is segmented into and Latin America, Asia Pacific, and the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.


Post time: Jun-28-2019