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Features of HT-T9

  • HT-T9 SMT pick and place machine is for 5 meters, 50 meters and any length of wire board, disposable mount.  Apply to LED soft lamp manufacturer.
  • HT-T9 is for the two modules,  dual-group interact to mount around, each module can be installed 32 nozzles. Achieving any length PCB uninterrupted pasted on. This mode is 5M,50M etc. And it’s identified the correct position by camera. So it’s high precision and good stability.

Specific technical parameter


2975mm*2285mm *1550mm

Total Weight


PCB Length Width

250mm*any length

Mounting Precision

±0.02mm chip

Mounting Speed

200000 CPH(optimum)

Components Speed



380AC 50HZ

Power Consumption


No. of feeders



LED 3014/3020/3528/5050, resistors



Before buying machine

1) Professional sales manager of LED SMT machine, provide professional suggestion and service to you !

2) 24 hours online service and technical support, solve your questions quickly!

3) Sound company organization and working system, guarantee you a fast delivery!

4) Design and provide the whole SMT processing lines for you based on your budget , workshop covering area with best prices!


After buying machine

1)     1 year free warranty

2)     Visit customers regularly and gather information.

3)     Provide latest information about technology and equipment.

Let’s light up your business!

We are very experienced in the establishment of led production line. If you are interested in our products or want to enter the LED business, Please feel free to  contact me.

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